Bezier handles snapping to the grid lines

Hi Everyone
I am new to Glyphs and type design.
Need your help here.
I am looking for the way to disable snapping of the bezier handles and points on curves while moving them to the grid.
Is there a settings like Snap to grid/ pixel that can be toggled on/ off?
Can you please help? Googled it everywhere, couldn’t find a way to do it.

Open the Font Info (FileFont Info…) and go to the Other tab. There, set the Grid Spacing & Subdivision settings to 0.

For most font projects, it’s advisable to keep points on the grid. If you need a finer base grid, consider increasing the units per em (UPM) from 1000 to, say, 2000 or 4000 (in the Font tab of the Font Info). Only for very delicate drawings should you disable the grid.

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