Bezier point problems

I have been enjoying using Glyphs and becoming accustomed
to using it. However, as I was editing, the program crashed
(I believe I had tried to delete the ‘first’ node in a glyph). When
I restarted the program neither the control points or anchors
were visible. I also tried an older version of the file (assuming
that the .glyphs file may have been corrupted), a .ufo export,
a new font, restarting my Mac, and reinstalling the
None of these resulted in the curve points returning. Do you
have any ideas? Are there any supporting files outside of the
Glyphs package that could be causing this? I appreciate any
help. I would definitely prefer to continue working with
Glyphs if possible. It’s interface is much more usable that the
other font editors with which I have worked.

Sorry, this was a user error. I must have hit the
key combination to turn off the nodes when I
was creating a new glyph. It works properly now.