Bigger cheat sheet

Tis might become handy?
I added a preview of a possible bigger cheat sheet. Because spaces in letters are related to each other, but not always the same, it is good to have the reference to the correct spaces to use.

That is an interesting idea.
But it doesn’t need to be bigger. It could replace the default when in Text mode.

i disagree, isnt this why we use metric keys? and possibly calculate multiples of them within the sidebearings directly…

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I tend to agree. You shouldn’t have to remember the metrics since you have metric keys.

It could be useful for shapes that are similar but not enough that you can use metrics keys.

Metrics keys are very handy and I like them.
But for the more complex shapes, it is always the designer’s eye that is the final judge. Type is always something vivid, and for these, the designer has make a set of letters that fits together. Therefore the cheat sheet is handy.

I find HOnot somewhat limiting. What about a less static panel? Choose your own reference glyphs, and add measurements at relevant spots? Could reference a measurement guideline in the glyph. (alt+click = add to cheat sheet)

For now the dimensions box is hard coded per script. So, if you developing for a different script and you still get the latin default view, you can send me a sketch with what glyphs and measurements you need for that script.

Seen and used @Mark’s Siblings plug-in?

Yes, seen, used and love the concept. Thanks for the suggestion.
But still, works best for the shapes that relate to each other (for which we also use metric keys).

I meant limiting for the Latin script.