Binding an anchor to the base glyph

Would it be possible to implement a “Bind to…” so the position of an anchor in any base glyph could be bound to the outline (or not)?

In the event an outline has to be manually shifted horizontally (or even vertically), the anchor has to be specifically selected to be moved as well (Cmd-A doesn’t select it). While this is not too much of a problem with a single anchor, when there are multiple anchors in a base glyph it sometimes happens that one forgets an anchor or doesn’t notice it.

It should also be noted that if an anchor can be bound to the glyph, when moving the anchor alone it should ignore the binding.

Have you tried cmd+A twice?

I hadn’t, but I have now. That works beautifully.

Is it mentioned in the manual?

You are right, this is missing in the manual. I will add it in the next edition.

It is listed in the internal online help (from the menu Help->Glyphs Help->Keyboard Shortcuts).

But, yeah, it should be in the manual, also.