Bitcoin glyph! state of art & recommendations

hi all, would love to read some comments about the bitcoin glyph and whats the status for this symbol. Any recommendation on how to add it to a typeface? would be appreciated! Thanks

Unicode 20BF is the LIKELY codepoint although it isn’t official yet. I’m betting it will be that because there’s nothing else in the pipeline that I know of.

You can find art by Googling “bitcoin svg” and get it from various sources.

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Great, so in case I want to add the glyph to a font, how should I proceed? just add new glpyh with the name I want?

Using preliminary Unicode has some risks if you ship a font. Said that, to add the glyph make a new glyph and call it ‘uni20BF’. Then add the outline as usual.

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the »Bitcoin Sign« is available from unicode 10.0.

NICE, but why does no result for the »glyph info« search in Glyphs?
(Auto-Update is enabled)

I didn’t include all updates from unicode 10, yet.

Hello Georg, now that the 20BF Bitcoin is no longer preliminary, how should we add it?

Add a glyph called uni20BF.

If you like, you can change its properties in the Font tab. Select it, press Cmd-Opt-I, and:


I just added it to the database.


Thank you @GeorgSeifert and @mekkablue

Dumb question - how do I update the unicode database? I’m running the most recent version of Glyphs and want to add a bitcoin character to a font I’m working on.



You need the latest cutting edge version. Then you search in Window > Glyphs Infos for the name.

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This is my first time enabling the cutting edge versions - got it now - thanks!