Bitmap fonts, old school version

Having read the tutorial on how to make an emoji font, I know it’s not what I am looking for. Does anyone know if there’s a way to use Glyphs to make an old-school bitmap font, where the glyphs are stored as bitmaps at varying sizes and are only usable if the bitmaps have been generated for that pixel size? Essentially I want to make an sbit-only font.

(I’m assuming this function is not available, so I won’t be too disappointed if I’m told no.)


Where do you plan to use the font?

Mac/Windows Illustrator. It’s essentially a shortcut to get pixel-accurate representation in mockups of devices.

I’m not sure if there is a font pixel format that is supported by illustrator.

Really? Huh. I’m not an Illustrator whiz, so I have no idea. I’ll have to do some testing with some old fonts that I know are sbit. Thanks!

FYI, it looks like you are correct: no Adobe products support bitmap fonts.