Bitmap SVG font - browser preview

I’m still trying to figure out what would be the proper way to create opentype svg (transparent png based) fonts.
As of today - the fonts I’m creating work perfectly fine in Photoshop/Illustrator, even MSWord displays it correctly.
But - preview in browser gives this result:

What I have in the glyphs file is:
Regular layer with two small paths to set the image boundaries
iColor 1000 layer with xxxx.png image

What am I doing wrong? The rest of the svg fonts on the market either show nothing in browser or display the path that is placed on the Regular layer.

SOS :exploding_head:

Update: I’ve checked fonts in OTMaster and it looks like both sbix and svg tables are being exported. Can this cause browser confusion? If so, why all apps display the fonts correctly?

You might add a Export sbix Table custom parameter in the instance and uncheck it. If that doesn’t help, can you send me the files?

Yes, see my “update” in the initial post :slight_smile:
I’ve added this parameter and testing if it’s going to help browser at all. Will report the result :slight_smile:

It worked! Thank you, Georg!
Now the browser displays the path that is placed on the Regular layer. Any chance to display the svg layer?

There is a parameter like ‘sbix to svg’ that takes a number (1000 in your case). (I’m not at my Mac right now)

Yes, it’s there.
The font works fine everywhere (Photoshop etc) but not in browser. Browser displays Regular layer content, not the svg layer.

Side note: Not every browser supports SVG. And if they do, browsers (and browser versions) have different preferences if both an sbix and SVG table are present in the font. So unfortunately I cannot spare you from testing/experimenting with configs.

Thanks Rainer, I’ll keep this in mind!