Body height not sticking after save

I’ve defined the body height several times so that flipped components stay in the right location, but it doesn’t seem to get saved and when I reopen the file the parameter has disappeared so my flipped glyphs end up bounce off into outer space.

Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 13.22.50

Is this a glyphs2 or glyphs3 file?

Glyphs 3

Are you sure. Can you check the version in Font Info > Other > File format version?

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Ahhhh. Yes, it says version 2 there, that’s weird. I thought G2 had different icons. Shouldn’t it raise a notification if it’s trying to save in a format that doesn’t support the features contained in the file?

Yes. It should. And now it does.

Thanks, it seems to be working now I’ve changed that to Glyphs 3 format :slight_smile: