Bold appearing Bold Italic on some Linux apps


and thanks for making an excellent app! The documentation is also really well written.

I recently made a free programming font available here:
…and tried to follow the steps in the guide describing style linking, so that the Bold is the Bold of Regular, and the Bold Italic is the Bold and Italic of Regular.

A user noticed that in some apps on Linux, the Bold style appears Bold and Italic:
Incidentally, PHPStorm on macOS will only list a single entry for the font.

While investigating, I came across another (possibly related) issue. In PHPStorm on macOS, bold + italic seems to become doubly italic:

Does any of this look familiar? JVM-related in some way, maybe? Any hints on how to remedy these issues?

I saw that you have an italic and an oblique style. That might be confusing. Can you send me the .glyphs source?

I had a look at your files. It seems that the style names of your Italic have the wrong order. It should be “Bold Italic” not “Italic Bold”. And I would call the “Regular Italic” just “Italic”.

I didn’t test in the apps you described but Indesign had problems with the style linking, too and the changes fixed that.

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Thanks a lot!

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