Bold not shown in MS Word only on Mac

A client has a problem with defining font styles in MS Word:

The problem they have is that their designer programmed their Word templates to get some areas in bold not in regular. The Bold style is defined and programmed for the headings, but on Mac the Regular style is shown.

It works on Windows, but when they open the Word template on Mac the Bold doesn’t appear and it is replaced by the Regular (see the Word template and screenshots attached).

Style linking is defined in Glyphs and works in Adobe (and in MS Word on Win, as mentioned).

2024-03-06_Briefbogen.pdf (30.5 KB)

Does Fontbakery give you any hints?

No, I don’t see anything that could be wrong.

Is it a problem that the font files are .otf, both for Windows and Mac?

For Windows, deliver TTF. Make sure the naming is standard, see the Naming tutorial for details.

The Bold is not supposed to appear in the menu on Windows. You access it by pressing the B button.

Ok, this is the setup. I exported it as .ttf, still, the ‘bold’ button in Word on Mac doesn’t work and just artificially makes it fatter. Did I do something wrong or is it a Cache problem at this point?

Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-13 um 18.16.31
Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-13 um 18.16.37

Why do you set all these name table entries manually? It should not be necessary. Try getting rid of all the “Name Table Entry” custom parameters, and also the “Full Name” and “Font Name” entries under “General”.

Have you set the “Has WWS Names” custom parameter in the Font tab?

OTF or TTF should make no difference for style linking. OTF has some issues in Office, but they are related to kerning and font embedding in documents.

Yes. Deactivate name table entries, Full Name and Font Name entries. Name ID 4 should not have Regular in its name IIRC. And ID 6 does not need the abbreviations.

Thank you! It works now. All those name entries were there, when I received the file. If its not advisable to add them, why were they in the file in the first place?

:woman_shrugging: You would have to ask the person who did it what was their motivation. Sometimes it makes sense if Glyphs’ automation does not work properly (in complex multi-axis setups that can be the case). But this would not apply to this setup.

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Maybe they are cruft from an export from another font editor.