Bounding box - dynamic spacing

Hey guys!

First of all, apologies for the newbie question, I’m getting started with Glyphs! ; )

How can I set a bounding box with specific dimensions, and then write a word on it?

Then I want to set dynamic spacing so Glyphs are evenly distributed.

Is that possible?


That is not the task of the font, but the layout app. A few thoughts:

  1. You could do a font like Toshi’s Cowhand, but these require rather complex OT Feature fiddling, and it is for only one word length.
  2. You could create a Multiple Master font with a width axis, export many widths, and then choose a width that fits your intentions. Read the Multiple Master tutorials.
  3. You may want to have a look at variable fonts, but that is a future technology. See > AP2beta > Playground > Fit-to-Width. (Works only with certain settings in certain browsers.)

If you just want distributive spacing, just use an app that offers fully aligned justification.

Thanks a lot for helping Rainer! : )

I’m not working on a font, my goal is to get the following result…

From a bounding box with a defined width and height (blue rectangle on image attached)…

Given a specific font, what is the corresponding size, and even spacing so it fits 100% the bounding box?

IMPORTANT: the bounding box (blue rectangle) considers Ascent + Descent (green rectangle) or line height minus line gap/leading which is the same.

Is it possible to get this info from Glyphs App?

thanks a LOT for helping!

You can get this info from Glyphs. How you you like to use the info? There are a lot other tools that can give you the info.

Thanks George! I need to:

  • Fetch data from an API json file that has bounding box dimensions and text (single word)
  • Set the text according to the bounding box dimensions (as mentioned on previous post ) into different fonts
  • Export PNGs

Do you think glyphs could do that? Or another software would be more suitable?

Thanks a lot!