Brace layer, kerning

How can i copy kerning values into a brace layer?


You mean kerning or spacing?

Kerning is interpolated automatically.

i mean kerning

You kern pairs in the masters. Steps in between are interpolated. One of the points of brace layers is to avoid extra kerning.

i wondered if it’s possible to copy/paste kerning into the brace layer

Can you describe the exact problem you want to solve?

Kerning can only happen between pairs of glyphs. A brace layer is an intermediate master of a single glyph.

it is about a variable font that goes from sans to very long slab serifs; in some glyphs we need to control the serifs at a particular point along the SERIF axis separately and thought that we might need to have different kerning values at that particualr point too.

You would need to establish a complete master at that point.

I’m thinking how I could get that to work. But it’s tricky.

I guess what would be nice is if Glyphs could spot brace layers that are on the same coordinates, and give access to the interpolated pairs between these layers. Especially useful for handling things like Tn at the breaking point where T and n might collide in very black weights.

I was writing to explain the problem when I had an idea how it could work :wink:

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I also want to ask, so when I had kerning two black and thin masters. kerning on the brace layer will automatically be interpolated without “re-interpolating”?

Yes. If there is no stored value, you can’t update it.