Brace Layer problem

Hi. I noticed it only now but there is some problem with Brace Layer trick and components.
In 2.3 there was some problem with preview but everything was exported. Before some updates in 2.3 preview was also ok.

In 2.4 is the same problem, but I didn’t test it in export.
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/0/078b170aa676c01c2dc9c0a10560a6da10a9df1a.jpg” width=“579” height=“500”>

And in 2.5 it dosen’t work :confused:.

Edit: I was a bit to fast. The extrapolated instances are for some reason not working in 2.5. But in other project there is also some problem with the brace trick, a middle instance is not visible in 2.5 and in 2.4 the preview works.

Could you send me the file?