Brace layer user experience is annoying

I’m sure there’s a good reason you started treating brace layers differently from regular layer copies… but the handling is now much more cumbersome than before. Right now, to create a new brace layer, I need to:

  1. Duplicate a layer
  2. Declare it an «Intermediate» layer
  3. Double-click it
  4. Manually move the cursor into the text box (tab won’t work)
  5. Enter the value

It would make sense if step 2 directly opened the value entry dialog and moved the cursor there, since a brace layer without a value is invalid anyway.

Also, copying a brace layer for backup creates a duplicate brace layer with the same value, which should be avoided. I would recommend automatically removing the «intermediate» state from the duplicate.


Good points. I’ll have a look.

Thanks for binging this up. It should be a bit better now.

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Great! How about combining steps 1 and 2 and having a “Duplicate Layer” menu appear on long-press? Something like this:


We where thinking about this.

(This part is still missing.)


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