Brace Layers in Variable Font export

Also, brace layers cause problems in VF files.

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Can you be more specific, please? Which problems exactly, which app version exactly? Can you describe steps to reproduce such a problem?

PROBLEM SHIFTED: I found a solution to half of the problem–wrong values in the brace layers. The rest persis, see below.

In the latest version of G3. An example: I have two brace layers for a certain glyph in a font with three axes. When I use an exported .ttf, there is some problem in width when interpolating the glyph. It starts getting bolder when it reaches the preset weight value. The axes are in this order: weight (100–900), italic (0–12), mono (0–100).

Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 16.03.14

Can you send me the file?

Hi, are there any news about this brace layer/variable font problem? I am having the exact same issue. (Already had it in G2.)

I see. It might be that you need more brace layers. You need to fully cut through the design space. So you need a brace layer at {500, 0, 0} and {500, 12, 0}, too.

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Perfect, that works great! Thank you

Thank Georg, I want to try that! However, when I am adding new brace layers in G3 to cut the designspace, all the outlines in the other non-brace layers disappear. I am doing something wrong?

Can you send me the file?

Just sent it to the support address. Thank you Georg!