Bracket trick not working in stylistic sets

Hello everyone! I am having some problems using the “bracket trick” with Alternates. I would like to use the “bracket trick” with some glyphs in some stylistic sets (dollar.ss01, comma.ss02) but it doesn’t work. Can anyone tell me why? With the default glyphs (dollar and comma) it works very well.

the alternates glyphs (dollar.ss01, comma.ss02), in the preview of Glyphs seems to work, but then when I export the file (variable format) and it doesn’t work (I’ve tried both on illustrator and on browser)

Thanks in advance!

Can you show the layer panel of the stylist set glyphs?

Schermata 2021-05-12 alle 16.02.03

Are both like that

Can you add a Feature for Feature Variations custom parameter to the font settings with the value rlig?

Is that a features of glyphs3? I can’t add “Feature for Feature Variations” in the custom parameter, I have the 2.5 version. Schermata 2021-05-13 alle 10.54.49

Why do you have version 2.5 and not the latest (2.6.6)?