Bracket trick on extrapolated glyph

Is it possible to use the bracket trick on weights extending the masters ?

For example: I have an Heavy master and I want to alter some glyphs further the Heavy weight, without having to completely add another master.

I didn’t tried it but it should work the same as for interpolation.

I tried.

Heavy is for example 140. At 150 I wanted like to add an alterered version.
So I made the layers Heavy [150] and worked on the outline. Goal was a weight at 160.

But it didn’t work.

Your master is probably not called Heavy, is it?

In my case the master is called Bold, so I named both layers Bold […].

What did I wrong ?

If you need to exchange both masters, so one master should be called Regular [100] and the other one Bold [100], or whatever your masters are called, and at whatever interpolation value you want to exchange them.

Perhaps it is easier to simply do a separate glyph with a .bold suffix, set it to non-exporting, and exchange it with a Rename Glyphs parameter in the instance.

Thanks for the good tips !

Same happens to me, bracket trick is not working on extrapolated glyphs.