Broken anchor points when testing variable font in Adobe Illustrator

Hey there! I’m having this issue when testing my variable font in Adobe Illustrator, is there any way in which I can solve this?

Variable font test in Adobe Ilustrator (video)

What version of Glyphs do you have?

The last one!

Cutting edge or stable version? Can you tell us the number between parentheses when you choose Glyphs > About Glyphs?

It is a stable version.
3.0.3 (3089)

Hi! Do you know why is this happening?
This is my version of Glyphs 3.0.3 (3089)

3091 is the latest stable version. 3089 was a Beta.

What do your outlines look like? Especially the BCP arrangements on the curves. Do you have zero handles?

I checked the version and now it says 3091.

I think the problem is because I have overlapping points in the regular version. I’ve moved them so that they are not overlapping and it worked just fine. I had it like this so that then I can interpolate with the expanded version.