Broken formula while spacing


I’m working on a file and while spacing using control and/or command, if the current glyph has a formula that links it to another glyph, let’s say =n-20, if I’m modifying its metrics with control or command the formula gets broken.

Wouldn’t make sense that it wouldn’t break but change the increment instead? So in the example, it would add or subtract to that 20 extra ems that I put initially. I guess this is quite difficult when it comes to other formulas such as division or multiplication but I was just wondering.

Thank you so much.

This has been discussed before.

The key combo will only change the sidebearing values. If you want to change the formula, you have to click into the sidebearing field and press up and down arrow to modify the increment.

This is intentional, because the metrics key formula is supposed to override your manual (possibly faulty, possibly accidental) changes to the spacing.

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I see. Ok, I was just wondering while I was respacing a character that has a formula applied to it. Thanks a lot, again.

That is a very good example for why not to use to many scaled metrics keys.

Alright, got it. I was just playing around with its possibilities. Maybe I have assigned a specific formula that I want to reconsider in the same way that I would change the metrics of a key character. However, I understand why it is like it is.


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