[Bug] Fonstruct file in Glyphs mini looks wrong

Opening exported glyphs file made in Fonstruct, looks like this in Glyphs Mini:

Using Glyphs Mini 2.1.3 (99)

Did you export it recently?
It looks like automatic alignment is on when it shouldn’t be.

yes, exported it right now.

  1. Just made a new font to confirm, created letters A,a:
    Using default block, nothing modified, no changes.

  2. Exported .glyphs file

  3. Opened .glyphs file in Glyphs mini:

Two more glitches,

  1. glyphs in exported .glyphs file are scaled down.

So, it’s incompatible with the Pixel tool, because the sizes don’t match.

  1. Spacing in .glyphs file is 1, so :confused:

    compared to 1000 of the component, and compared to the % scaled down placed pixels…

The pixel tool should take its size from the grid settings In Font Info.

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The problem is in the file. I though this was fixed in fontstruct. Can you send me one of the test files?

sure, attaching file: asdfasdfasdf-2.glyphs (3.2 KB)
or do I send it to support email?

Got it. Thanks.

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That should be fixed now.

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