Bug: Glyphs 3 using 100+GB RAM on export

Cutting-edge version 3.0.3 (3079), macOS Big Sur

When I try to export a typeface I’m working on, memory usage in Glyphs explodes until the OS tells me I’m out of RAM and need to force quit the program.

Doesn’t seem to matter if I export to OTF or TTF, same results.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Can you send me that file?

Sure thing, thanks Georg.

Hi @GeorgSeifert !

Was there ever a solution found for this export issue? I’ve been trying to export a .ttf file with a ton of kerning info (fontinfo.plist is ~2.15GB, font has ~4700 glyphs), and I’m running into the same issue where Glyphs App is force paused around 101GB for taking up too much application memory.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Don’t remember this exact problem.

But 2GB fontinfo.plist ist way too much. Are you sure about that. I wonder if there is a way to send the file to me? How big it the package when compressed as a zip?

The 2GB of the fontinfo.plist file is unfortunately expected. I’m kerning all pairs of a font with ~4700 glyphs using Kern On, and as a kind of hack I need to add most of the glyphs as explicit pairings in the fontinfo.plist.

When I compress the package into a .zip file, the file’s ~380GB. A couple days ago I tried sending the respective files to support@forum.glyphsapp.com (which hasn’t been successful), and just now I tried sending the .zip file to support@glyphsapp.com – please let me know if you’d like me to try sending the .zip file elsewhere.

To send such a big file, you need to use a service like wetransfere or put it in your Dropbox folder and send me a link to it.

But why do you need to add all those combinations? KernOn will be come very slow with many pairs. @TimAhrens

Hello there, see my reply on the Kern On forum:

I answered there, too.

Thank you for your help here, Georg. With your information in the Kern On forum link above, I’ve been able to avoid working with the large kerning volume I spoke about above.