Bug: Glyphs 3. Vertical Guids coordiantes reset to 100 after closing and reopening the file

It seems this happening to only the Guides duplicated by [click]+[option].
Or not created by Add Guide option from drop down menu.

File format version Glyphs 2.
Glyphs app version 3.0.4 (3100)

Can you do a screencast what exactly you are doing?

Hi Georg, thanks for the fast reply.
How can I upload the Quick Time file with screencast? It seems it’s not on the list of approved files.

Load it to dropbox or something similar and post a link.

Here is a link

Does it happen in a new file, too? Because I can’t reproduce it. Can you send me the file after you saved it?

It is not happening in the new files. Tested like this:

  1. Created the new file in Glyphs 3. Swithced to Glyphs 2 file fromat. Reopened. Guids working like expected.
  2. Created file in Glyphs 2 and opened in Glyphs 3. Created Guids. Reopened. Guids working like expected.

Send the file to support at glyphsapp dot com.
The heading of the mail is “File regarding bug with Guids in Glyphs 3”.

In this case, your glyph width is very large and the guide that gets reset has an x position beyond 10,000 units. Select the guide and look at the grey info box and it’ll show the position. There’s some code that assumes that position would be an unlikely value, as it would be for a single glyph design; in this case, it looks like you are drawing multiple letters in a single glyph so have made the width very wide. We’ll look into adjusting that logic.

Thanks for the report.

Thanks @composerjk

But is there a reason that you draw all outlines in glyph? I would recommend to put them in their proper place. You can still see them next to each other in the edit view by typing them with the text tool.

Thanks @composerjk . That’s why some Guides stayed in the proper place. It all make sens now.

@GeorgSeifert This way is more convenient for my case. The final product is not an actual font but a piece of composition with exact proportions. So to maintain it with a traditional/normal font will be much harder. A lot of tuning of side bearings. Also it’s easier for the designer to work with just 3 letters & not type all the proper letters one after another.

Overall thanks for the help. Keep up the good work. I’m a big fan of Glyphs app. )