Bug glyphs disappeared


I don’t understand, I pressed an usual shortcut and I lost all the glyphs I made this afternoon…

When I go back on the editing view they disappeared… (screenshot)
Is there a way to recover it ? Thanks

In the left panel, make sure “All” or a sub-category is selected.

When you remove glyphs from the Edit View (⌫), they are not removed from the Glyphs document. You can insert and edit them again by their name using ⌘F.

To delete glyphs from the document, you would need to press ⌘⌫. Then, a dialog window would ask you to confirm the deletion of those glyphs. If you do that, they are gone.


Thanks, but I think there was a bug, because I have a set of glyphs (symbols and currencies) which disappear at once… without dialog window…
The glyphs are also disappeared from the overall panel.
Never mind, I will redraw all today.


The screenshot shows an edit tab with no text typed. You can see that because the title of the tab is “Glyphs”. Switch to the Text tool (T) and type something.

I think there is no text because of the crash. I’m sure there was my currencies glyphs in these edit tabs, before the bug.

Try inserting the currency glyphs to see if they still exist. For example, for the € symbol, press Command-F and search for “Euro” or activate the Text Tool by pressing the “T” key and then typing the € symbol.

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I can’t, they doesn’t exist anymore. It was about Bath, Lari, Bitcoin, Hryvnia, Dram, etc…
But it’s ok I’m redrawing them :slight_smile:

It is a good idea to save often and specially after adding a lot glyphs to save, close and reopen the file.

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