Bug in Glyphs 2: Flipped components

I have a font in which ] is a flipped [. The font is drawn at 500 UPM. When I export the font (scaling to 1000 UPM) then the sidebearings of the ] are wrong. The same error can be seen when scaling the font to 1000 UPM via Font Info. In Glyphs 1, this is handled correctly.

I though about scaling the font to 1000 UPM and applying Update Metrics before export as a workaround but this does not work since the formulas that contain absolute values will lead to wrong results (they are not updated when the font is scaled to a new UPM).

So, it would be great if you fixed this (ideally, both: correct scaling of the component offset as well as updating the sidebearing formulas when scaling).

I think I fixed the scaling yesterday.
The metrics key scaling need to be addressed.