Bug in makeotf: Incorrect use of MarkFilteringSet

I’ve found something that looks like a bug in the use of MarkFilteringSet in lookups generated by makeotf while using it through Glyphs 2.4.2. Does Glyphs use a modified version of makeotf, in which case I should report the issue here, or is it in unmodified version, so that I should report it to the AFDKO project on GitHub? Which version is it?

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A modified one. You can find out where the bug is buried if you go inside the Temp folder and change the .command to using your local install of makeotf.

The bug exists in Adobe’s makeotf version as well, so I filed the bug against the AFDKO:

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We use a modified version. But the part responsible for the GSUB/GPOS is unchanged. You can try the original makeOTF as Rainer suggested?

I did – hence the bug report against AFDKO.

I didn’t see your post when I wrote mine.

The bug has been fixed in AFDKO:

Would it be possible to have the fix integrated into the Glyphs version of makeotf?