Bug: landscape printing

With Glyphs 1.4.3 (584), I’m having no luck printing with landscape orientation. The preview window looks correct, but it comes out of the printer with portrait orientation, and running off the right edge. (I think it actually came out of the printer upside-down, so it is like the image is getting rotated twice.)

Spacing gets messed up too (differently in every size). And “Fill outlines” doesn’t work if you choose Print from font view (and I think the node should be filled or otherwise more emphasised since it looks too weak when printed).

I think Print function needs to have major update as I would like to use more (mostly for PDF export) if it were not for these bugs.

speaking of that, i also ran into a miss-spaced print the other day. i could not reproduce it so far, will try, when i can concentrate on the parameters that i chose.

I can’t reproduce the problems. I used the command PDF > Open PDF in Preview and this worked fine. Tested in 10.7.5 and 10.9.2.

Can you poste a screenshot of the print dialog?

Georg, can you try different sizes? Some sizes do get spaced badly.

Also “show metrics” and “nodes” affects the appearance of “Find Glyphs” (command+F). I don’t think they should be related.

Perhaps the original issue is with my printer–I tried it on another and it worked fine.
But I’m definitely seeing the spacing messed up as well.