Bug report: Shapes unselect when clicking on another glyph

This is such a tiny detail but constitutes such an enormous disruption to the work flow:

I’m copying/pasting shapes between glyphs a lot during my work, as probably does any other type designer. Whenever I have several glyphs open in a glyph editor view next to each other, I’m normally jumping back and forth between the various masters of the various glyphs a lot.

Whenever I click on an unactivated glyph, the selection of the currently activated glyph disappears. But I need that selection to stay active, because once I’ve copied the structure in one master, I immediately need to go back to that previous glyph, change master, and repeat the process for that master, and so forth. Glyphs is constantly disrupting my work by unselecting my selected shapes.

I need that double-click into another glyph to not unselect shapes of the currently active glyph please. It must be possible in XCode to differentiate between single and double clicks.

This has been dragging on for years and is a very important disruption.


The problem is that the selection is changed in the mouseDown callback of the first click. I hacked something together that should help a bit.