Bug report - wrong interpolation with 4 axes

Hi! I noticed that instance and special layer interpolation sometimes uses wrong masters.
I thought it was Glyphs 2 not supporting that many axes, but turns out Glyphs 3 have the same problem.

Basically, it ignores the intermediate master between two extremes (‘Normal’ width in this case). Sometimes.

Attaching a file with some instances, check out their interpolation, I added notes to instances names, hope they make sense.

Interpolation Bug Test.glyphs (109.1 KB)

font = Glyphs.font
for instance in font.instances:
	interpolation = instance.instanceInterpolations
	print( instance.name )
	for masterId, value in interpolation.items():
		print( font.masters[ masterId ].name, value)

You are right. We have a look at this.

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