Bug right and bottom tool palette


Since I updated to the newest version the tool palette looks like this:

Which version of OS X are you using?

MacOs Sierra

What version of Glyphs do you have? Do you have any plugins installed. Can you check the macro window for error messages?

Version 2.4.4

This window right?

Looks like one of my plugins got some problem. Didn’t check this one since ages. I’m also not sure if this one is able to cause sth like in your screenshot above, but I’ll have a look.

Edit: I can’t even find that line of code in there. Could you please remove this plugin and try again? If you really need it, you could try to reinstall it from the plugin manager. Maybe you got a very old version sticking around. It’s called Show Kerning Groups.

I didn’t even had it installed haha that is weird

I didn’t do it either, haha. So is your actual problem solved?

Yes now Its solved! thanks

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