Bug: Unable to select/drag control point above locked guide icon

Hey guys, tiny non-urgent bug, but if a BCP is directly on top of a locked guide’s icon, it can only be selected by clicking and dragging a selection around it and nudging it out of the way. It can’t be selected directly or dragged etc.

I understand selecting might get in the way of a user unlocking the guide, but perhaps dragging the BCP ‘off’ the lock icon can be permitted?

Please let me know if you need more clarification.



You can also select the previous on-curve node and press the tab key. Or simply deactivate guides (Cmd-Shift-L), drag the handle, and reactivate guides again (Cmd-Shift-L again).

Thanks @mekkablue. Yes, with all these methods maybe it’s such a small bug that it’s no bug at all. In a perfect world one could drag that handle (regardless of it being aligned with the guide lock icon) without the workarounds, but it’s far from a significant time suck. Just thought I’d mention it.


I fixed it.

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Thanks Georg!