Bug with Noodler and keyboard arrows

Pressing UP key removes comma:


glyphs 2 beta

That one is difficult to handle across Python. Commas have different meanings in different locales.

What are you using them for? As comma separator? Which locale are you using in system preferences?

With the comma you can have multiple outlines. That doesn’t work well with the keyboard stepping. It might be better to use a token field here (it supports multiple values).

Yes, as separator for multiple outlines, as Georg mentioned.
Catalina Locale: English
Glyphs: Localization disabled.

sorry got lost, is that for me or mekkablue?
If it’s for me: how to do that?

It is for me.

I’ll think about it. I think I will do two different entry fields, one with the stepping, the other with the tokens, and run the plug-in in one of two distinct modes. Switching modes, switches the two fields for each other.

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