Bug with using Tab for side bearing values

Hi! I noticed that often times I can’t use Tab to go from the left to the right side bearing value in the Info panel, it works just like Enter. Not always though, happens about 10% of the time or so.
It usually happens after working with the curves, but can’t figure out what exactly causes it. Weirdly, even repeating the same steps don’t lead to the bug twice.

Hi! This is still bothering me :frowning: I work fast, so it feels like stumbling on the run: I enter the first side bearing value, hit Tab, enter the second one… then realize that Tab didn’t work as expected, and have to navigate with the cursor and enter the second value again. Any reasons why this might be happening either on my end or in Glyphs?

Can you reproduce it reliably?
Which version exactly?

Is it possible that you have metrics keys in the instance that it doesn’t work?

Can’t reproduce it, and that’s the weirdest part of it. Even if I undo and repeat the steps which have lead to the problem happening, it doesn’t happen again. It’s been a little issue for me in each version at least since summer, maybe before that too. Also weird that I seem to be the only one having it (or the only one who uses the panel a lot this way)?

Georg, not entirely sure what you mean by doesn’t work, so probably no. I’ve experienced it with both numerical values and linking to other glyphs/arithmetics. It doesn’t seem to matter what is typed in the side bearing panel, but rather to do with something else in the interface or the keyboard. But don’t remember Tab not working in any other place in or outside Glyphs though, so I though maybe you know what makes this specific panel so special for the Tab key. Nothing?

I think the problem is that when you leave the text field with a tab, the UI is updated and for some reason, the info box is very briefly removed and added back again. That removes the keyboard focus from the view and causes your troubles.

But what occurred to me. When that is happening to you a lot, maybe you could use the keyboard shortcut to do the spacing (The shortcut are explained in the spacing tutorial). I very rarely use those text fields (only to edit metrics keys).

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