Bug with values in Variable fonts?

Why is this happening?

Masters set to 4 and 60. Why does the 4 don’t count and the interpolation starts at 5?

Movie here to see

How are your masters set up?

What happens if you start a five or six? It might be that the size axis has a defined range? And four is too small?

I tried. Same problem…

It might be that the problem is actually on the Glyphs Variable test document that can be created from within Glyphs? In Illustrator it seems to work as expected.

The test page is probably not the problem. But maybe the browser is?

Aha! Yes, you are absolutely right. Safari bugs out. Chrome works fine! Thanks for the support Georg.

Yes that is a known bug. I updated the variable font tutorial last weekend, and it also has a paragraph on the Safari opsz bug:

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You guys are the best!

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