Buggy interpolation in two-axis family

I’m designing a five-weight, four-width family with six masters: Light Condensed, Light SemiCondensed, Light, Bold Condensed, Bold SemiCondensed, and Bold. It’s interpolating pretty well overall, but in three of the instances, the e, æ, and œ interpolate far bolder than the other glyphs: Regular Condensed e is actually bolder than Medium Condensed e, which in turn is about the same weight as DemiBold Condensed e. Oddly, the e’s interpolate just fine as components, so é and ë look good in all instances. I’ve corrected path direction many times: no improvement. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Can you send me the file, I will have a look.

Figured this out. I’d increased the UPM from 1000 to 2000, but did not adjust the values in the brace layer of e, æ, and œ to match. All working smoothly now.

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