Bugs (3) related to printing from Font View

Glyphs 1.3.17 (429)

Bug 1: Printing from Font View always fills outlines.
When printing from the Font View, the outlines are filled even when the “Fill Outlines” box is unchecked. Unchecking the box works when printing from the Edit View.

Bug 2: Nothing to print from Font View with a font of only an asterisk glyph.
While trying out scenarios with bug 1, I tried the same with the submission for SOTA’s Font Aid VI, a typeface with a single asterisk glyph. In the Font View, I’d also deleted all other glyphs (except the asterisk glyph). Glyphs reported that there was no page to print and nothing was displayed on the preview.

Bug 3: With longer descenders for a master, glyphs overlap with labels when printing.
You may also want to try out the Font View printing placement algorithm for longer descenders. The glyphs overlapped with the labels. To reproduce:

  1. Create new font.
  2. Change descender for master (in Font Info) from default -200 to -400. Adjust ascender and other fields appropriately to stay within 1000 units.
  3. Print from Font View. Select “Show Metrics”. The edge of the metrics (showing where the glyph could be) will overlap with the labels.

Let me know if you want further info.