Bugs and Features #2

I will check the exception problem.

One more thing I forgot to put in OP:

  • Keyboard strokes in Font tab select tools, not letters. Let’s say you press “a”. It selects the letter, but then you can’t move with arrows nor select another glyph - it will select tools instead. And trying to type a name of an accented glyph is even worse.

Fixed the typing issue. Thanks

Issues spotted in the beta3 Version 1.3.18 (447)

  1. interface becomes very slow if preview is active with 20 or more glyphs.
    2)component based glyphs (accented letters) using [xx]layers aren’t correctly displayed in preview.

In Version 1.3.18 (447) the Opt+CMD+k keyboard shortcut is broke. It should copy selection to background without deleting existing background; instead in deletes the background just like CMD+K.

Offset curve : tab doesn’t work

Can’t find the pattern, but often going back to font info > other, my grid is set to zero. E set it back to 1. After some time I go back and it’s zero again. I’ve change it a dozen times already.

EDIT: in fact it seems happening after each Export to OTF

Glyph info Panel :

  1. can’t select more than one lines at time
  2. would be useful to distinguish glyphs already in font, for instance with a different row colour.

Question : the command “Make component glyph” shouldn’t act on ALL the masters at once for selected glyphs?

There’s indeed weird behavior with Tab in filters. For it to work, open filter, close it and then open again. Tab will work.

Most filters and commands work only on the active layer. Otherwise it would do stuff that you never see. And the undo would be unpredictable, too.

Export fails if I comment all the content of a feature

Masters > Custom parameters are draggable but order changes are not registered.


@jan This works for me. What version did you test it with?

Version 1.3.18 (447)
It works in “Font” but not in “Masters”

Other issues spotted:
When drawing open path to be interpolated then with Filter:GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve

  1. if more than 1 path, sometimes an empty glyph is exported
  2. in any case I have to export 2 times to see something. the 1st one never works
  3. Generated font has extremely big descender
  4. a component from a opened path is not selectable with the mouse


  1. to create a Filter:addExtremes;
  2. to add a scrolldown list to “value” when “filter” is selected. It’s uncomfortable to be obliged to look into the doc each time.
  3. adding possibility to set custom text in Font info > Instances > lower preview box. It could be done by a custom parameter; placing it in “font” would affect each Instance; putting it into a single Instance would override the main “font” value.
Exactly which parameters are you talking about? Haven't experienced that yet. Can you post a screenshot of such a glyph? Or describe the steps to reproduce this? Yes, this happens very often. I've already made it a habit to hit Cmd-E twice when I'm working with open paths. Probably a mathematical issue. If you have a very steep angle, then you get a long expansion. Open the lowest tip by clicking on the node there. Opt-drag with Select tool. Good workaround, probably quicker: I used to use ClipMenu, then QuickSilver text snippets, and now I use TextMate tab triggers for that purpose. You know that you can copy/paste custom parameters? You know you can preview Instances in the Edit window?

0. I can’t change the order of this. I didn’t know I can copy and paste them as text :slight_smile:
postscriptUnderlinePosition = “-141”;
opentypeOS2StrikeoutSize = 26;
openTypeOS2StrikeoutPosition = 250;
postscriptUnderlineThickness = 26;

  1. I’ve sent a glyphs file to Georg already
  2. it does nothing

2. it would be more user friendly to have it inside Glyphs. And this way we’ll see when new commands are added. To recognize it’s always easier then to recall.

  1. It’s not so ergonomic. I can have an icon font, with only some characters, or an ALLCAPS font, or few characters for a logo, or I’d like to see the interpolation values live on a certain glyph without being obliged to set values focus on main window, focus back on Font Info, focus on values, set them, blur from the input to see the result…

With 3 masters ( light, regular and bold ), copied regular layer is named “Light …” by default. Should be “Regular…”.