Bugs and features #3


  1. Opening a new tab and writing doesn’t count as changes in the file. But switching to a text tab and selecting a glyph in there does.
  2. “ShortI-cy” lowercase counterpart’s name is “iishort-cy”.
  3. Sometimes font import gets stuck on “Creating caches”.
  4. Cyrillic glyphs uni0400, 04C5, 04C9, 04CD, 04EC and their lowercase counterparts 0450, 04C6, 04CA, 04CE, 04ED have to be generated manually.
  5. Cyrillic glyphs uni048E, 048F, 048A and 048B are listed as “Other” when manually generated.
  6. Choosing “Reopen” after crash opens two identical windows with the same tabs. (10.8.2)
  7. When using arrow keys in glyph view, you can’t “skip” over an empty space made by incomplete line. http://cl.ly/NguH


  1. Ruler tool’s 45° increments.
  2. Ability to generate OT classes out of kerning groups and out of glyph selection.
  3. Ability to paste glyphs into OT code.
  4. Keyboard shortcut to turn kerning off in Preview.
  5. “Set Anchors” should also work on glyphs made from mirrored components (Cyrillic etc.)
  6. When creating a new empty glyph it should center on it. If there’s many - on the topmost.
You can do that: https://github.com/mekkablue/Glyphs-Scripts/tree/master/OpenType You can copy slash-escaped glyph names via the context menu in the font tab. And in the recent betas, you can search and replace when the cursor is inside feature code.

I don’t understand any of the script stuff…

Is there a component glyph in the other tab? This is partially fixed already. But I will check with my cyrillic export if it needs one or two i. Where do you see this. Can you send me a font that causes this problem? Will fix that. fixed that. I can’t really fix this for now as the reopening of the documents is handled by the system. Will fix that. Any suggestions? What glyphs in particular?
  1. I discovered and tested that some time ago (same version). But somehow today none of those trigger the changes. Now the change of master does. So I started testing it (with and without components) and a minute later it stopped triggering too. So weird…

  2. In the error pop-up. But if this is something uncommon then it doesn’t matter. I remember being able to import after relaunch.

  1. Something for the left hand since the right navigates. Cmd+Shift+X? Even if Cmd+X would be hit accidentally, it would do no harm in the text mode if multiple glyphs weren’t selected (as it usually is). And if it’s edit mode, then it’s undoable. Plus with OSX you can remap shortcuts anyways.

  2. Never mind, I now see the cause. If there’s even a single extra node, it won’t generate or lock the anchors, obviously.

Scripts can be very useful. And in this case, you just need to run the script in question, no need for understanding script stuff. Installation instructions (you need an additional install called Vanilla for that one) are in the read-me on https://github.com/mekkablue/Glyphs-Scripts/

Which OS are you on? On 10.8, one installation step only works if you have Xcode installed. I’ll see if I can adapt the read-me and circumvent Xcode.

10.8, yes. But my attempt to install Vanilla ends at second line because “-bash: svn: command not found”.

Found another problem: if font has superscript numbers and Windows glyphs /onesuperior, /twosuperior and /threesuperior, the #sups feature will fail to compile because of OT code limitations.

You can do all superior figures with ‘…superior’ instead of using the .sups extension. IIRC this is one of the few features which may actually mess around on the character level.

I’ll update the installation instructions. For SVN (subversion), one needs the Xcode command line tools. But I think you can download Vanilla without SVN as well. Hold on…

I actually have downloaded Xcode before installation.

Oh, then go to Xcode > Preferences > Downloads > Components and install the Command Line Tools. This will, amongst other things, install svn, then the first command will work.

So I finally recorded the bug that was bugging me for quite some time: http://cl.ly/Nn0U

Preview disappears when changing masters. For me it also can happen when selecting a different glyph or disabling kerning.

This should be fixed in the latest beta (477). Can you confirm?