Bugs in var font exporting

I have a very strange problem. Every time I export my font (Hebrew, two masters and one variable), in some letters in one of the weights the shapes go crazy. I am attaching a picture. The problem does not happen in the original file, but only after I export.
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The first weight is the “variable font origin”.

Are you using intermediate layers on those glyphs? What are your axis coordinates?

There are no additional masters/layers…

Can you show the layer for that glyph?


That looks good. Can you send me the .glyphs file?

As a new user I can’t attach files… :frowning:

You can send it to support at this domain (without forum.).

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Can you run Path > “Tidy Up Path” on both glyphs?

Have you run the command for both masters? And this might help: Multiple Masters, part 2: keeping your outlines compatible | Glyphs

Amazing! It works like magic!!
Thank you powerful wizard