Bugs in Version 1.3.25

I really appreciate that the locl feature works right now in the preview mode!

anyway I’ve found some bugs (using os 10.8):

all my files do a “makeotfGlyphs [FATAL] not in Font Menu Name” error when compiling the feature code (even if noe code is written. exporting otf works anyway)

in the earlier version it was possible to select both vector and anchors by hitting +a twice.
right now is is selecting the vector or the anchors only not both.

I fixed both already.

1.3.25? I’m not finding that version…

found a new bug: (have 1.3.26 right now)
glyphs crashes when opening an OTF-file (even when it was generates with Glphsapp before)

could you send me the .otf?