Bugs or intended to be like this?

  1. In Glyphs 2.1 the integrated Preview at the bottom of the main
    window goes into “Off” mode after I close the file – on reopening the
    file I have to click it’s icon to make it appear again for each tab.
    Granted, I pretty much leave Glyphs running for days on end, but
    after the inevitable restart it’s a pain to reopen the Preview for each tab.

  2. Moving/rotating the local guidelines is undoable, but if I happen to move a global guideline accidentally (or not), I can’t undo it to put it back in place – is this somehow intended to be so?

  3. Not terribly important, but: After the computer lost contact with
    the wireless keyboard (batteries needed recharging), I just wanted
    to use the mouse to delete two or three nodes, then save and close –
    but the Clear menu entry in the Edit menu is greyed out – like,
    permanently – and that Option-click-the-menu trick doesn’t make it available

Glyphs 2.1.1 (771) on Mavericks here, thank you.

I’ll try to improve that.

I explained that several times. It is not possible because there is a undo manager (that records the changes) for each glyph. If I would add the changes of the global guide to the undo manager of the current glyph, go to another glyph, delete the guide there, go back to the original glyph and press undo it would try to undo the change to the guide but it is gone. That would crash.

That is a bit difficult to reproduce and most likely not fixable by me.

The “Clear” command in the Edit menu is always greyed-out – keyboard or no keyboard connected.
(Sorry for not searching the forum for the global guidelines lack of undo).

For deleting nodes, select them and press the delete key. Edit > Clear is for clearing complete glyphs in the Font tab.

Yep, I’m always using the Delete or Backspace key for deleting nodes – it’s just that with no keyboard connected I found out the “Clear” menu entry did nothing for nodes. But it works for glyphs in the Font panel alright, didn’t know that.

About the lack of undo when moving global guidelines:

I should have locked them in place, true, to avoid accidental moving, but I think there’s a small improvement you could do with regards to locking:

Selecting multiple global or local guidelines (with Shift) then choosing “Lock Guide” from the right click menu locks only the last selected guideline. You could make this work for all selected guides.

that should be fixed in the latest beta

Yes, the last beta fixes this, thank you.
Could also converting multiple local guides to global work the same, and viceversa (multiple global guides to local)?