Building circled / squared Arrows


is there any efficient way to build characters like that? Each Glyph has two components, one for the square/circle, one for the arrow.

Right now I need to select both components and align them with the Align Tool within the Transform Window in the right sidebar. That is a lot of clicking, I think there is a smarter way to create that.

I tried it with an anchor, but that didn’t work for the rotated arrows. Sure, I could generate components of the complete letters, so that I just have to align three base glyphs, but that just works for the Roman. Does anybody has a smart idea, how to solve this?

You can use anchors to position the arrows. Add a ‘center’ anchor to the box and a ‘_center’ anchor to the arrows.

thanks for the answer.

How does that work for the rotated arrows? That doesn’t work with anchors.

It should. Which version of Glyphs Are you using?

Have a look at this file: (2.0 KB)

thanks for the file @GeorgSeifert, this is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

It doesn’t work in my file, it never did in any other typeface I designed. I am still using Glyph 2 (1357), as some scripts aren’t available in Glyphs 3. So I am sticking there, although I notice a huge speed difference with my M1 when exporting.

I just checked the arrow problem in Glyphs 3, there it is working as expected.

I see.

What scripts are not working in Glyphs 3?

I think HT Letterspacer did not work in the very beginning, it might have changed now.

And I had two scripts for interpolate the side bearings of brace layers and positioning of anchors. The scripts “Disable / Enable Alignment for selected Glyphs” by @mekkablue were somehow removed in his repository.

For me, these scripts were very useful, and I am absolutely not able to rewrite these… So basically that’s why I am still using Glyphs 2.

The Disable/Enable Alignment for Selected Glyphs scripts were replaced with the Alignment Manager script in the @mekkablue scripts. fyi.

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In what way the ‘interpolate sidebearing’ script better than right clicking the layer in the layer list? Or do you run the script for all layers at once?

yes, it runs through all layers at once.

I also checked this again, it works in Glyphs 3, just the re-interpolation of the positioning of anchors in brace layers doesn’t work right now, but I don’t need that often. So I guess, as HT Letterspacer works, I can finally move to Glyphs 3.

What kind of brace layers do you have that you need to update metrics and anchors a lot?