Calt Feature only partly working

I have one calt feature that reads in its entirety as follows:

sub @All-Non-Connecting [r racute rcaron rcommaaccent s sacute scaron scedilla scommaaccent]' by [r.alt racute.alt rcaron.alt rcommaaccent.alt s.alt sacute.alt scaron.alt scedilla.alt scommaaccent.alt];

Inside the @All-Non-Connecting class, I have approximately 1100 space-separated glyphs listed.

The calt feature works on SOME of the glyphs in the class, but NOT ON ALL.

For example, both B and A.ss02 are in the class. But the calt feature works when I have B followed by r and does not work when I have A.ss02 followed by r.

I don’t understand why this would be happening. Anyone have any insight?

(I have tested this in Glyphs by turning on the calt feature in the glyph window and also by exporting the font and using it in Adobe Illustrator.)

Is your ss02 ordered after calt?

Aha, moving calt down fixed it! Thank you.

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