Can decimals be displayed in smart component settings?

I have a situation where I need 1/3 more accuracy than the UPM. As GlyphsApp suggests, I can simply increase the accuracy in “Other Settings” by setting “Subdivision” to 3 times “Grid Spacing”. This is a great easy feature of Glyphs. But in addition, all my glyphs are made of components. So, to use the increased accuracy, I would need to enter .33 & .67 or .333 & .667 in the component values. I tested this and it works perfectly with one problem; the smart component entry display doesn’t display decimal values, so after closing and reopening the smart component entry window the decimal entries are invisible and rounded to the nearest whole number. The decimal values are still saved, but there is no way to know if the number entered and saved was 1.67 or 2.33, which is big problem to keep track of what was done. So as the title asks, “Can decimals be displayed in smart component settings?” There are several work arounds, but all seem cumbersome and time consuming and maybe not advisable, like increasing the UPM beyond recommended standards or increasing the component range so that component entries don’t match graphical UPM units, or trying to keep track of hidden rounded entries, etc. But, maybe just displaying decimals in component settings would be easiest and most useful for many situations and consistent with the concept of increasing “Subdivision”. Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

Done. Thanks for the suggestion.

What version will the update be in?

Probably in the upcoming beta.

It appears in the description of the latest version that this was added, but a decimal entry still doesn’t show when reopening the dialog box? You can enter decimals, but when you close and reopen the dialog the decimals don’t show?