Can Glyphs make a plugin for GPT?

Can Glyphs create a plugin for GPT, so that users can describe the font style they need to GPT, and then let GPT generate the font file of the specified character set using Glyphs?
In other words, it’s about making it convenient for GPT to use Glyphs.
Inspired by a groundbreaking plugin for Blender, ChatGPT is an AI model developed by OpenAI. It’s designed to understand and generate human-like text based on the prompts it receives. In the context of Blender, ChatGPT has been used to automate the creation of 3D models and animations, transforming simple text prompts into intricate designs. This showcases the model’s versatility and potential for automation in various fields, including type design in Glyphs.

That would be certainly possible. Not sure if GPT is able to make fonts at this point.

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Blender is for designing 3D models. Since Blender can do it, Glyphs, which is for designing 2D graphics, should definitely be able to do it. Looking forward to Glyphs connecting with AI soon.

If this can be achieved, it will bring hundreds of thousands of non-professional users to Glyphs. Even with a fee of $10 per year, it would be a long-term, stable, and considerable income. This is something that cannot be achieved by relying on a small number of professional users. It’s worth investing time in this direction.
(3) ChatGPT + Blender Is BLOWING my mind! - YouTube

What a horrible prospect.

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To Adobe sounds more likely tbh.

Can it make a realistic house?

You can even use it to create a 3D animation.

Send a design sketch of a glyph style to GPT, it can understand the entire font you want, and then generate it with Glyphs. It seems to be possible now.

Only non-professional users can bring the Long Tail Effect to your company.

While certainly interesting (and an idea I played with a couple of months ago), you seem to be a little naïve about integrating a text-based language model into the visual system of designing a typeface. The AI in Blender isn’t GPT, nor does it create 3D models; it changes the render without one needing to change textures and whatnot.
A good idea, but one that isn’t ready given the current state of technology and generative AI. Some people have created AI font generators (i.e. DeepVecFont), but it is severely lacking in ability. Currently, AI would most likely be used to assist in kerning or tedious things, not the drawing of letterforms.

In this niche field, it cannot be expected that non-industry insiders can solve the problem. Only the most cutting-edge experts, namely the Glyphs developers themselves, can participate to achieve the goal.

What “problem”? What “goal”? I sincerely doubt this is the goal of any serious type design professional.


This is harmless, even beneficial, to the goals of any serious type design professional. The two can coexist. The company will have more profits. Why not?

Maybe pure monetary profit isn’t the goal of everyone.


You might be misunderstanding the type design industry. It’s driven by quality not quantity, which is not what AI can do at least at this point, but maybe in principle.

But if that ever happens, it’s going to be in hands of Monotype, Google or Adobe, so a “sustainable business” for Glyphs sounds ironic.


I’m quite happy it isn’t. This forum would be a very different place if everybody was just here for financial gain…