Can I open Glyphs file in older Glyphs' app versions?

Can I open a Glyphs file that was designed in the newest version in older Glyphs’ app versions?

I just purchased a course in Domestika, and he seems to have an older version and I would like to continue my work in the oldest version of Glyphs ’ App.

Thank you for your time and response!

When I try to open a Glyphs 3 file in Glyphs 2, it gives me a message that the file was created with a newer version of Glyphs and can’t be opened. If you are talking about the course by Juanjo López, “Diseño de una Tipografía digital”—loved that course—I think you could still do it with Glyphs 3. It’s been a while since I upgraded, so I don’t remember the specific changes, but I don’t think it’s different enough to matter.

I opened a Glyphs 3 file in FontLab 7 and then exported it as a Glyphs file. Glyphs 2 was able to open the exported file. I’m not sure if anything was lost in the conversion process, but it seemed to work.

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In Glyphs 3, you can go to File → Font Info… → Other and change the file format to version 2 so that the file can be opened in Glyphs 2.

In general, the UI of Glyphs 3 is very similar to Glyphs 2. Most changes are additive. So you should be able to follow along an older course with a newer app version.


I don’t know when I will need this information, but it’s good to know.