Can I open Glyphs without auto-loading the most recent file?

I’ve been playing around with an experimental type project, and I (rather stupidly) tried to paste in a vector file consisting of an untold number of points/paths (a live-traced b/w image from Illustrator). Now I’m stuck in this loop where Glyphs is forever trying to load that doomed art into my file, even after force quitting and restarting my computer. Every time I open Glyphs, it’s automatically trying to pick up where we left off, and I’m again stuck having to quit etc.

Is there any way to open Glyphs without loading this project?

EDIT: Ok I solved the problem by duplicating the doomed file and deleting the original, so when Glyphs started back up I received a “file not found error,” and was able to load up the duplicate without issue. Sometimes you just need to ask the question out loud for the answer to present itself.

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