Can’t disable ShowHandlesEverywhere

I installed the plugin to show handles in the background, and now I can’t get rid of it :man_facepalming: Unchecking in reporter didn’t work, neither via menu, I removed the plugin from the folder completely, the handles are still showing.

I’m on Catalina, G2 1356.

After removing it, you need to restart Glyphs.
And from what folder did you remove the plugin from?

Yeah, I restarted several times, doesn’t help. It was in the ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Plugins folder, that’s where I removed it from.

Can you show a screenshot of what you are trying to disable?

If it is not in the View menu anymore, the plug-in is successfully uninstalled. What you are seeing is not drawn by the plug-in in that case.

Here is a screenshot, I don’t want the nodes and handles in the background (also shows when other masters’ outlines are set to show). All reporters are unchecked, and the plugin isn’t even in the list :confused:

Maybe to provide some context: I installed it to be able to better align the nodes and handles on their backgrounds with cmd-shift-a, but I don’t need to see them all the time, it gets pretty annoying with complicated glyphs. I’d prefer it to work as expected, but if it can’t, I’d rather deactivate it completely.

You can control the display of nodes and handles on the background with ViewShow NodesIn Background. If you need to toggle this option often, assign it a shortcut in GlyphsPreferences…Shortcuts.

Also, for aligning multiple nodes with the background at once, have a look at the Mask to Master script:

That worked, thanks! :slight_smile: