Can’t move guidelines

Don’t know if this is a known issue (didn’t find a topic here though) but I have encountered it for quite some time:
Sometimes all guidelines of a glyph freeze and cannot be moved anymore. Interestingly the neighboring glyphs’ lines are not affected. I have no idea what triggers this.
Using V3.2 (3234) but I have noticed this often in older versions.

Are those local (blue) or global (red) guides?
And you can move all the other pieces of that glyph?

  1. Yes, both
  2. I will check when happens again (restarted already).

This happened to me too a few times. Haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it though. After an app restart, behavior was back to normal again.

I was suspecting a View menu plugin. But it also happened with all reporters off.

Still not fixed.

I wasn’t able to reproduce it, yet.

Unfortunately I cannot give you a hint. I do not see a pattern why it happens.

Maybe an image or component nearby?

OK, happened again. What I just did before was working in another tab.
Does that help?

I had the same problem again after copying a master to another working file. Global Guidline were impossible to move. Only after copying and moving the copy with the keyboard (not the cursor, because it was block again) I could recover a Guidline. Global Guidline could not be additionally deleted. Only after swapping Global Guidline to Local, the Guidline could be deleted.