Can’t switch keyboard layout when editing feature code

I don’t know what is the reasoning behind this, but I want to put Arabic sample strings in the comments and right now I can only do this by copy and paste which is very inconvenient.

The code view is set to only accept “Roman” input, because that is what you need to type code. The idea is that you can have any keyboard activate (to type in the edit view) and still be able to edit feature (or python) code without switching the keyboard. This is a default property of NSTextView so I didn’t invent this (Apple Developer Documentation)

But the idea that only Roman text is not correct, I do need to enter Arabic text in comments, and in things like featureNames.

Feature names should be set up through the proper UI and those input fields should accept all locals. I think one reason to disable other locals was that makeOTF couldn’t handle non-ASCII chars. And I just kept it. I wonder how annoying it would be if it accepted all locals. But as I always use a roman input method, I can’t say anything. So I’ll remove that restriction.

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