Can we disable the sample glyphs when glyph document is empty?

I am currently working with a glyph in background.

The viewport gets confused and displays the sample glyph, thinking there is no glyph in the view. Actually there is, but it is in the background. Thus, I cannot see my background image, because the sample is on top of it.

Is there a way to manually disable this. I know it gets disabled once you place a node, but I was thinking in the line of a general on/off switch.

Paths in the background are visible when View > Show Background is turned on, no matter if the foreground is empty or not. The display of the system font is there for a good reason. People worked in wrong glyphs, and when they realised, they were half way through the lowercase already. What exactly are you trying to do that you have to keep your glyphs empty?

It is naturally a great feature to have the sample/preview in the foreground, I was just inquiring is there a way to have it manually disabled.

Also, I can actually see my background, but I have my view obstructed by the sample/preview foreground [smile].

Again, not really important, just asking around because I noticed it was a strange behavior.

Why do you only work in the background? You can add one single node to the foreground to get rid of the sample.

I was re-working some ligatures and moved them to the background, and there appeared (in the foreground) the helper glyph, which kind of obstructed my background [smile].

Naturally, once you start working on the foreground it gets hidden, but I found it strange not to disappear if I have a glyph in the background similarly to having a glyph in the foreground.